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Marc PrestonAbout us

Destination Judo is Britain’s largest children’s judo school. Our goal is to enthuse children with the sport, to help them keep fit and have fun, and ultimately to coach them to success at the highest level.

The company was established by Marc Preston, one of Scotland’s most successful male judo players of his generation, a medallist at the World Cup and Commonwealth Games and one of a handful of Scots ever to win the British Open, as well as many other judo related achievements. Marc was part of the British Olympic coaching back-up staff for 1996, is currently Vice Chairman of JudoScotland and an accredited coach on the newly UKCC.

Initially operating as an individual, Marc gradually built up the business to the situation today where Destination Judo is Britain’s largest and fastest growing Junior Judo school with Destination Judo community clubs in East Central Scotland and North East England, as well as clubs in schools in the both the public and private sector.

Our classes are dynamic and high energy, with the use of funky music and games – as well as progressive techniques for teaching judo. For the more gifted children, Destination Judo has a range of squad classes which help children to hone competition and fighting skills, which are enabling them to compete at National level. However, for many, the motivation is simply fitness and fun.

Our coaches are full-time professionals who are specialists both in judo and in teaching children. We know that being good at sport is not the same as being a good teacher and being able to communicate skills, enthusiasm and passion to children. At Destination Judo we like teaching children and believe we’re good at it (as our class retention levels show). We believe there’s more to judo than being able to throw your best pal over your shoulder. It also gives you learning, self-confidence and fun.


Destination Judo Honorary President & Technical Director - Neil Adams

Neil AdamsClick the image to read about Neil

Marc Preston said "I am delighted to announce that Neil Adams - Britain's greatest male Judoka, is on board with Destination Judo.
"Neil will have the title of Honorary President of our company.
"He will be working with our group at various events."

Neil said: "I'm delighted to be working with Destination Judo and to be part of their set-up, and am looking forward to helping drive the company forward."

Destination Judo "working in partnership with Active Schools Programme (Scotland) and School Sports Partnerships (England)"

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