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One of the great things for the children in Judo is getting their next coloured belts. Each year, Destination Judo holds 3 gradings which gives the children the opportunity to advance further up the levels. All Destination Judo coaches are qualified examiners meaning that all gradings can take place in the children’s usual classes.



JudoScotland License

Record BookBefore a Grading your child will need a license and record book which are issued by the governing body, JudoScotland.

To receive both, simply visit for more information and access the ONLINE MEMBERS ZONE at the bottom of the page, where you can gain 4 FREE months provisional membership

To be graded, you MUST upgrade the provisional membership to a FULL MEMBERSHIP (you will not lose the 4 free months)

Membership CertificateThe membership license is stuck securely inside the record book and both must be kept safe and only given to the coach when it is time for a grading.

Your child cannot be graded without a license.

After the Grading period is complete, everyone who handed in the necessary documents and payment will receive their new belt with certificate and badges within a few weeks.

All parents will be invited to watch their child being presented with their awards.